Social Networks, Do You “Get” Them?

I think yesterday’s Daily Prompt is quite relevant to today and our up-coming bloggers (such as myself!) to help start themselves up and create fresh traffic to new blogs. So here it is:

The Social Network:

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

Widely speaking, I would say the majority of people use social networking sites purely because their friends and family use it, so it’s a very easy and accessible way of keeping in contact with them. I say this, because this is probably the reason why I first started using Facebook or Twitter – to keep up with the “now” and see what everyone is up to. Pretty stalker-ish when you look at it like that isn’t it?

However, having linked up both of my blogs – including The Design 411 – to my Twitter accounts, all of my posts get shared with not only my WordPress followers but also my Twitter followers. For this reason you could say that I “get” social networks because I know how to maximise the sites and get as much from them as possible.

In terms of Facebook, I like to keep things personal – share family and friend photographs etc, on LinkedIn I like to keep it professional in terms of my degree etc and I think this is how it should be… But my Twitter account is just a bunch of everything put together! Even still, I was shown these sites by my friends and family.

In conclusion, I understand how social networking works and how I can get the most out of each site but I choose not to put myself out there too much because I don’t like being “up in someone’s face” all day long – I like to gain true followers and friends.

Why do you use social networking sites?