Be the type of person you want to meet!

“Be the type of person you want to meet.”
I think this is why I made a new year’s resolution for the start of 2012 to not be a bitch. Now, for girls and women alike, I think they are always a bitch – to an extent.
I have by far had my fair-share of bitch encounters when I was at senior school, but for my last six months there, and the first six months I have been at University, I have definitely noticed a difference between myself and other people I have met. I am a mature eighteen year old, not an immature party animal I have met on so many occasions in Manchester.
I don’t want to meet those types of people any more. I don’t think they are honestly worth my time because I don’t see the fun in getting drunk every night when I have a difficult degree to work for. I would, quite frankly, prefer to stay in my accommodation and do my work, read a book or catch up with some TV. Lame? Yeah, I suppose that’s me.


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