Be the type of person you want to meet!

“Be the type of person you want to meet.”
I think this is why I made a new year’s resolution for the start of 2012 to not be a bitch. Now, for girls and women alike, I think they are always a bitch – to an extent.
I have by far had my fair-share of bitch encounters when I was at senior school, but for my last six months there, and the first six months I have been at University, I have definitely noticed a difference between myself and other people I have met. I am a mature eighteen year old, not an immature party animal I have met on so many occasions in Manchester.
I don’t want to meet those types of people any more. I don’t think they are honestly worth my time because I don’t see the fun in getting drunk every night when I have a difficult degree to work for. I would, quite frankly, prefer to stay in my accommodation and do my work, read a book or catch up with some TV. Lame? Yeah, I suppose that’s me.

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Be the type of person you want to meet! Lead by example. Don’t ask for something you wouldn’t demand from yourself. Be the best you! The world is a mirror – we attract not what we want but what we are. We receive not just what we work for, but what we believewe deserve. Love and belief are two of the strongest invisible forces on the planet and to tap into these forces and have the relationships we desire, we need to become the person we want to meet! Only then, will that person want to meet us too!

Whenever we think about something we desire, we must ask ourselves: Who must I become to achieve and receive this?

Don’t just set your goals, become your goals!

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