What brings out your competitive side? A game? Sport? Or is it just an activity…?

I think my downfall is the amount of things/activities/games which can make my competitive side come out. It can be almost anything that involves other people.

I remember one summer’s evening when I was round my best-friend-at-the-time’s house with a few other girls for a night in. Smirnoff Ice and other alcoholic beverages were on the cards as well as a friendly game of Monopoly… Quickly, this turned into a not-so-friendly game.

With a healthy amount of alcohol in me – the happy, bubbly side – I was banker and eager to win. I don’t think my friends at ever seen me quite so frightening – yes, frightening – at only the age of sixteen.

I – myself – never saw myself as scary or as a threat to anyone until the moment I lashed out at a friend over this game of Monopoly. The girls that were there weren’t a threat to me at all in the grand schemes of things, other than the game. And it doesn’t matter if you win or lose – it’s the taking part that counts the most, being sociable, friendly and open to discussion with people. Well I can certainly say that I was not. I was the opposite.

Another time I have been most competitive was over boys when I was younger – about thirteen to seventeen. I must have been such a bitch looking back on it, but when you’re at that age, all you wanted was the boy who caught your eye and you wouldn’t take anything from anyone else after the same person.

I think even now I am still quite competitive even though it has calmed down a lot more nowadays… Working as part of a group in a University Unit, or even individually – there is always an element of competition.


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