Do You Crave the Energy in Crowds? Or Exclude Yourself?

Two days ago, the Daily Prompt from was this: Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

In terms of parties, it really does depend on the mood I am in for me to really enjoy it. If the crowd of people there are full of those I know, or have met once or twice before, I think it would be great. Parties are always fun when you have had a bit of alcohol, you can’t lie. So long as the company is good, fun and interesting then there is never very much of a problem for me going to a party.

So in terms of an answer, yes; parties do fill me with energy, but that is dependent on the company I’m in. I think I would enjoy the crowds at a music festival – at the end of the day, everyone is there for mainly one reason, the music.

However, if I were to go somewhere filled will people I don’t know particularly well, I am not sure how I would fair. It would be exciting to meet new people and find out more about each person, but I would feel a little intimidated and shy to start with. There needs to be someone with common ground. It would be wrong to exclude yourself from making new contacts – that is more important than knowing at least something about everything. Be open to discussions and leaning from other people.

I think everyone likes to have a Friday and Saturday night off from socialising every once in a while – it gives you the chance to relax and take some time out for yourself.


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